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Your account is just a phone call away. Dial (765) 741-2728 with any touchtone phone at any time — day or night.

  • Fast, free, easy service for Ball State Federal Credit Union members
  • Access your accounts 24/7 via any touchtone phone:
  • Transfer funds
  • Check balances
  • Review transaction history
  • Change your PIN
  • And more
  • Perfect for times when a computer or branch isn't nearby

Get Started

Call (765) 741-2728 and press 1. The first thing you will then be asked to enter is your member number, followed by the # sign. Then you will be asked to enter your 4-digit personal identification number (PIN), BUT NOT THE # SIGN. Only use the # sign when prompted to do so. Action Codes and PINs do not require a # sign, as they are always a specific number of digits in length. 

At that point you will be asked to enter an “Action Code.” All the Action Codes are available under Action Code 99, but we have provided a list below. 

During your call, you will also be asked to enter “Share Type Codes” for the various accounts you want to access. The Share Account Type Codes are also listed below.

10 Savings, Checking, and Club Transfers
11 Savings or Checking to Loan Transfers
14 Cross Account Transfers (Savings, Checking, and Clubs)
15 Cross Account Transfers (Loans)
30 Checking Balances
31 Savings or Club Balance
33 Certificate Balance
34 IRA Balance
40 Checks Cleared (By Date)
41 Last Check Deposit
42 Checks Cleared (By Check Number)
50 Checking Deposit History
51 Savings Deposit History
52 Savings, Checking, and Club Withdrawal History
53 ATM Transaction History
54 ACH Deposit History
55 ACH Withdrawal History
60 YTD Interest Earned
61 YTD Loan Interest Paid
62 Prior Year Interest Paid
63 Prior Year Loan Interest Paid
64 Last Interest Earned
81 Loan Payoff

Loan Amortization:

  • Enter 1 to solve for the payment amount
  • Enter 2 to solve for the amount you can borrow based on the desired payment amount
96 Change PIN
98 End the Call
99 Help Menus
000 Savings
100 Charlie Secure Checking
110 Just Checking
150 Cardinal Secure Rewards Checking
212 Christmas Club
209 Club 9
401 – 499 Certificate Codes
500 Traditional IRA
600 Roth IRA
700 Coverdell ESA
Your Loan Suffix Number Loans


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