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Please note that Ball State FCU is NOT a “Web Connect Financial Institution” for Quicken and Quick Books purposes! Therefore you will NOT be able to set up access to your BSFCU accounts using the Quicken “One Step Update” functionality! In other words, we do not allow members to input their passwords and authentication information into their Quicken software, and then allow the Quicken software to log into your account for you!

You will simply need to create an import file on our Online Banking, and then import it into your Quicken software application. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log into our Online Banking as you ordinarily would
  2. Click to view the history of what ever account you want to import history into Quicken (typically checking)
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the history display find the Drop Box and the “Download” button
  4. Select Quicken (.qfx) or Quick Books (.qbo) in the drop box
  5. Click the download button
  6. When the dialog box appears and asks if you want to “Run” or “Save” the import file – click “Save”
  7. Then simply tell your computer where you the file saved and give it name
  8. Now you can go to your Quicken software and follow the instructions for “Importing a .qfx or .qbo file”


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