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Checking Products

At Ball State Federal Credit Union we are revolutionizing the way you’ll view checking! Our exclusive Charlie Secure Checking and Cardinal Secure Checking provide access to IDProtect services, offering credit monitoring, fraud protection, credit reports, and much more!

Upgrade to the Cardinal Secure Checking to receive this service as well as cell phone protection, 3% interest on your checking account, and other benefits. Both of our exclusive checking accounts also offer guaranteed discounts on all loans through BSFCU! As a member of Ball State Federal Credit Union, you can choose between any of our three checking account types and start banking where you belong!

Checking Acct Chart


Charlie Secure Checking

All of the benefits of Just Checking, plus:

  • Free ID Protection Service for all family members in your household
  • Free Secure Internet Browser
  • Free Online Bill Pay
  • 1/4% Relationship Pricing Discounts on Consumer Loans
  • $3.00 Monthly Service Charge

Cardinal Secure Rewards Checking

All of the benefits of Charlie Secure Checking, plus:

  • Free Rewards and Discounts Program
  • Instead of 1/4%, you get 1/2% Relationship Pricing Discounts on Consumer Loans
  • Requirements±:
    • $1,000 Minimum Daily Balance
    • $500 Aggregate Monthly Debit Card Purchase Minimum
    • Direct Deposit
  • 3.00% Interest Paid on your $1,000 minimum daily balance requirement, if you:
    • Maintain the $1,000 minimum daily balance for an entire calendar month, and if you
    • Use your debit card for at least $500 in purchases during the same calendar month.
  • $6.00 Monthly Service Charge

Check out our Identity Theft Protection page for more information on IDProtect.

* Special Insurance Program Notes: The descriptions herein are summaries only. They do not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies described. Please refer to the actual policies for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Insurance is offered through the company named on the certificate of insurance.

1 IDProtect service is a personal identity theft protection service available to account owner(s) and their family. Family includes: Spouse, persons qualifying as domestic partner, and children under 25 years of age and parent(s) who are residents of the same household. IDProtect benefits are available to joint account holders. Benefits are not available to a “signer” or “beneficiary” of the account who is not an account owner. Service is not available to businesses and their employees, clubs and/or churches and their members, schools and their employees/students.

** ATM Fees – Through the Co-op Network and/or the Alliance One Network, we provide you with 10’s of thousands of ATMs with no at the terminal surcharges! You also have unlimited free access to all Ball State FCU owned ATMs in Muncie Indiana, and you may also use any other network capable ATM worldwide for only $1.00 per transaction!

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