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High security level password requirements and a multi-factor authentication program are in effect for this service. Here are a couple of things that every on-line branch user needs to know:

  • Logging In: When you go to the Welcome/Sign In page, you will be prompted to enter your Login ID. Once we have validated that Login ID, you will be taken to a separate page to enter your password. On that page you will see the confidence word that you established when you enrolled. You should be sure you see your confidence word before you proceed!
  • Why multi-factor authentication? It is required of all financial service providers. We will have you give us the answers to three questions of your choice, so that we can identify you in certain circumstances. And in turn, you give us a Confidence Word that we can display when we ask for your password, so that you can be assured that you are truly dealing with Ball State Credit Union.
  • Password Requirements: All passwords must be at least 9 characters long, they must contain at least one number, plus at least one capital letter, and at least one lower case letter. Make it easy to type and remember!
  • Case sensitivity: Remember that both your password, and the answers you provide to the three questions are all case sensitive. Keep the question answers short, and remember all the capitalization that you used when you set things up. This will save you lots of time!
  • Your email address: When you are asked to answer one of the questions, or if you are using the forgot my password function, you will be asked to provide your email address in the process. The address that you enter, must be the exact email address that we have on record for you or your answer(s) will be invalidated. If you are having trouble getting your answers accepted, let us verify your email address! That has been a problem for many members!
  • Want a new password? Enter your login ID on the first page, and click “forgot your password” on the next. We will ask you to provide some validation information, and then we will issue you a temporary password, and email it to you in seconds! You can use that to establish what ever password you wish! This is the fastest way to get this done!
  • Want to set up the challenge question answers again? Call us at 765-741-2728 and ask to have the on-line branch administrator reset your answers and confidence word. We need to do that from here!
  • Getting a challenge question every time you log in? If you are being asked to answer a challenge question when you are simply logging in, click the “remember me at this computer” button. This question is being asked because you are at a computer that you have not used to log in before, or that has had the cookies deleted!
  • Bill Pay: Bill Pay access is incorporated into our on-line banking application. This allows you to go to your bill pay account, simply by clicking Bill Pay tab that you see when you are logged in! Please note: If you use a pop-up blocker within your internet browser, you may get a message when you click the Bill Pay tab, advising you that need to “click here” to continue!


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