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Loan Payment Protection

Debt Protection

Debt Protection is an “umbrella” name for the products called debt cancellation and debt suspension.

When you have debt protection on your loan, the financial institution agrees to cancel or suspend all, or part, of your obligation to repay an extension of credit (from that financial institution) upon the occurrence of a specified event. Events include: death, disability, involuntary unemployment, family leave and hospitalization.


Your loan payment will be cancelled (or suspended) for a period of time without penalty, added interest, or being reported as delinquent to the credit bureau when a covered event occurs.

Typically, covered events may include death, disability, involuntary unemployment, family medical leave, and hospital stay.

Single and/or joint coverage is available on protected events as defined in the Debt Protection Agreement.


Protects your family’s financial security – Debt Protection protects your credit rating during uncertain and stressful times.

Peace of mind – You do not need to worry about making some or all loan payments (depending on the protected event and your financial institution’s debt protection plan) should an unforeseen life event occur.

Convenient – Applying for debt protection is easy and usually done at the time of your loan application. The fee is generally included with the monthly loan payment.
There are eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions that apply to this program.

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