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Manage Your Nest Egg

MYNE is a tool that can track your spending across multiple accounts. If you have a bank or credit account at another institution, chances are you can add it to MYNE. 

With your accounts linked into one finance management tool like MYNE, you have a source for goal tracking. Use it for savings goals like holiday giving to the large goals of college funding or home purchasing. You can also track spending. For example, set your monthly budget for fuel/transportation cost and MYNE will track your spending. Set alerts in MYNE to notify you by text or email on your progress.

Learn more about your spending habits and set up smart spending targets to gain confidence and reach your financial goals.

How to Get Started

Log in to Online Banking and click the MYNE tab. Follow the instructions to access your personal finance management tool.

How to Add a Spending Target 

Control your spending and maintain your finances responsibly. 

  1. Select “Add A New Spending Target” on the budget dashboard
  2. Indicate the tags or categories you would like to track (i.e. “Dining Out,” “Fast Food,” “Restaurant,” “Coffee,” or “Lunch”)
  3. Name the Spending Target (i.e. “Dining Out”)
  4. Set your monthly limit. MYNE will average the applied tags so you can set your budget according to your desired monthly spend and current average
  5. Click the “Add Spending Target” button to complete the process of adding a new budget

NOTE: Budgets will automatically reflect recent purchases based on the selected tags and will let you know when you’re spending too heavily.


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