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Charlie Credit Cards

No Balance Transfer Fee

Tired of high credit card rates and complicated fee structures, or just want to deal locally with your credit union? There is no better time to pay off your high interest credit card and start your new year with a Charlie Card from Ball State Federal Credit Union.

Now when you transfer your balance to a Charlie Card from your credit union you will get a limited time 6 month introductory rate of 5.90% APR. This promotional offer is available to new card holders who meet credit qualifications.  After the six month period your APR will revert to the current APR.

With 3 Platinum cards to choose from you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs.

Not sure what the right card is for you. Here’s a simple breakdown of the cards we offer.

Credit Card Chart

Either way, you are in charge…so we invite you to apply for one of our Platinum Visa Cards TODAY!

This new Visa Credit Card service is subject to credit qualification, and is accepted anywhere you see the Visa logo displayed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and any US Military Base world wide!

VISA Account Access

If you have one of our new Ball State FCU Platinum Visa Cards (the first four digits of your card number are 4145), simply click here to go to our new Online Credit Card Access System!

If you have our Platinum II CURewards program, log in here to take advantage of your points.