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At the very bottom of the “Transfer To” drop box, click “Another Member Account”. When the screen refreshes, you will see the entry information boxes to complete the transfer. There are some new security features built into the process, so just fill in the blanks.

You will need to have the following information about the account you want to transfer funds to:

  • The primary account owner’s LAST NAME (for verification with the member number)
  • The MEMBER # for that account
  • The ACCOUNT TYPE code number
    • 000 for Savings
    • 100 for Charlie Secure Checking
    • 110 for Just Checking
    • 150 for Cardinals Secure Rewards Checking
    • 161 for Kasasa Cash
    • 162 for Kasasa Cash Back
    • 163 for Kasasa Saver (with Cash)
    • 164 for Kasasa Saver (with Cash Back)
    • 165 for Kasasa Tunes
    • 209 for Club 9
    • 210 for 12-Month BSU Pay Club
    • 212 for Christmas Club
    • If you are transferring to a loan, the one or two digit loan number

You will need to use the drop box to indicate whether the account you are transferring to is a DEPOSIT account or a LOAN account; and finally you will need to RE-ENTER YOUR PASSWORD before you enter the AMOUNT and click TRANSFER.


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