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Dr. Mikesell Honored at Annual Meeting

Dr. Donald W. Mikesell (left) recognized for his tenure on the Board of Directors by President/CEO C. Randall Glassburn (right).

The 61st Annual Meeting was business as usual with an addition of much due respect to Dr. Donald W. Mikesell.

Dr. Donald W. Mikesell (Don) served on the Board of Directors for 30 years, the last 26 as Chairmen of the Board.   Mr. Glassburn, President/CEO, commended and recognized him for his contribution to the success of the Ball State Federal Credit Union.  When Don joined the Board, the Credit Union was $20 million in assets.  Since, we’ve grown to over $90 million in assets and nearly 15,000 members.

It should be noted that Don wanted no celebration!  How could we not show our appreciation?  With as little celebration as we could, Don was presented a framed and signed resolution with a keepsake mantel clock as a thank you for his dedicated, unwavering service.

A video clip of the meeting is available to view.    The text of the resolution for Don is provided below, too. Please feel free to stop by and see the framed version at our main office.

Thank you, Don, for your tremendous service to Ball State Federal Credit Union!



Resolution for Dr. Donald W. Mikesell

WHEREAS Don Mikesell has served on the Board of Directors of the Ball State Federal Credit Union since 1987, holding the position of Chairman of the Board since 1991; and

WHEREAS  his dedication and leadership on behalf of  the members of the Ball State Federal Credit Union, and to the Ball State University community to which he has shown an unwavering loyalty,  have been apparent through numerous successful products, programs, projects and partnerships that the Credit Union has undertaken; and

WHEREAS his commitment and dedication to the Credit Union’s nearly 15,000 members has been illustrated by not only his service on the Credit Union board from 1987-2017, but from his uninterrupted service as board chairman from 1991-2017 making him the longest standing board chairman in Ball State Federal Credit Union history; and

WHEREAS throughout his 30 year tenure as a Credit Union Official, Don has taken an innovative and dedicated approach to resolving the important issues facing credit unions, and has demonstrated a special leadership quality that has enabled the Credit Union to navigate through many years of economic prosperity and trials, with equal success; and

WHEREAS his leadership and commitment to supporting the ongoing efforts of the credit union, have led to credit union asset growth from less than $20 Million, to over $90 Million since he joined the credit union board.

Now therefore be it resolved, on this twenty fifth day of April in the year two thousand seventeen, that the credit union members here assembled at the 61st annual meeting of the Ball State Federal Credit Union do hereby commend and recognize Dr. Donald W. Mikesell for his contribution to the success of the Ball State Federal Credit Union, and wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

 Be it further resolved that this resolution be incorporated into the minutes of this meeting and that copies be presented to Don Mikesell and to the Ball State Federal Credit Union.



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