VISA Platinum Credit Card Program!

Tired of high credit card rates and complicated fee structures, or just want to deal locally with your credit union?

We are extremely happy to be able to provide qualified members with a low rate, inexpensive Platinum Visa Credit Card program!

We invite you to apply for one of our Platinum Visa Cards...pictured above!

One Card, with Two Different make the choice!

You may choose either the Platinum 1 or Platinum 2 option, but either way, you will:

     - Have 24 X 7 On-line Card Account Access!

     - Pay no annual fees!

     - Have a 25-day grace period!

     - And have the same simplified fee structure!

So what's the difference?

If you just want a high quality, low cost credit card account...choose the Platinum 1 Option and get a simple 9.9% APR Credit Card!

If you are a "Points Program" person...choose the Platinum 2 Option and get the complete Member Choice Rewards Program with all it's advantages, along with an 11.9% APR!

Either way, you are in we invite you to APPLY TODAY!

This new Visa Credit Card service is subject to credit qualification, and is accepted anywhere you see the Visa logo displayed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and any US Military Base world wide!

Please ask one of our member service representatives for more information, stop by one of our offices for an application, or simply
click here for a printable application!