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Charlie Secure Checking Kicks Off On June 1st
We could not be more pleased that the official June 1st launch of our new checking account programs is finally here, and the transitioning of all of our existing checking accounts to the new Charlie Secure Checking program is underway!

Will will always have a Free Checking option available...we will call it "Just Checking". But we are truly excited to be able to offer the "Charlie Secure Checking" and the "Cardinal Secure Rewards Checking" options! Both of which include access to the same sort of very comprehensive Identity Theft Protection service that you may have seen advertised on TV for 5 or 10 times the monthly service charge we are able to offer you on these checking account types! That is the beauty of what the cooperative purchasing power of thousands of credit union members can do!

Unless you have already told us otherwise, all checking accounts opened before May 1st, 2014 will be converted to the new Charlie Secure Checking program after June 1st, and you would already have received ID Protect enrollment information by mail. Please jump online and register for this comprehensive ID Protect program! It is well worth it! We have already had members register for the program to find that they had an issue that they were previously unaware of, and were able to get it resolved before it became a serious problem! So don't delay...take advantage of this service right away!

The ID Protect service covers all family members living in your household, so if you have accounts on which you really don't need to duplicate access to this service, or if you have just decided not to participate, you may simply click here for an option form that will allow you to move those accounts into the Just Checking program. But no matter which checking account option you choose, we will be ready to offer you the same great service we have always done our best to provide!

 Driving Down the Cost of Buying Printed Checks - Effective June 1, 2014
We are extremely excited to announce that effective June 1st, we are moving our printed check partnership away from our current provider, to Legacy Member Services! Why are we making this change? Because printed checks have become far too expensive, and we want to save you money on the cost of buying them, and at the same time allow you almost total discretion as to the style of checks that you like to use!

 Currently a standard box of duplicate checks cost from almost $22 to over $36, depending on the check style. Within the framework of our new Legacy Checks program, nearly all check styles will be available to you at the same price, and we have arranged to drive that cost down to only $18.00 per box! In other words, you don't have to select the plainest check style available to get the lowest price…you can pick almost any check style in the catalog, and pay only $18.00 per box for the checks! Previously, we had offered members age 50 and above one free box of the plainest checks we had available, per year. Under this new program, members age 50+ will now receive a great discount on every box and buy as many boxes of checks as they want, and be able to select almost any check style in the catalog, at only $12.00 per box!

 Before you order another box of checks, please ask us to show you the catalog so that you can pick the style of check that you really want going forward! They will all be available at the same reduced price!

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